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About Qingdao fenyun rubber machinery

Qingdao fenyun Rubber Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was founded in the 1980s. Is a dedicated to the production of rubber machinery and equipment of professional enterprises. At present, it has developed into a large rubber machinery manufacturing enterprise integrating design, manufacturing, installation, debugging and consulting services. Professional design, advanced equipment, ISO9001 quality assurance system and skilled staff are the guarantee of product quality. Through the unremitting efforts of all fenyun employees, the comprehensive strength of the company has been improved rapidly. With high cost performance and high-quality service, the company has won Zhejiang Sanwei Zhejiang Shuangjian...



Founded in the 1980s

Professional vulcanizer manufacturer

The company is a professional enterprise that produces German rubber machinery and equipment. It has many years of experience in R & D, design and production, superb technology and advanced science and technology, and has received outstanding products of each batch



The comprehensive strength of the enterprise is in the forefront of the same industry in China

Strong enterprise strength

ISO9001 quality assurance system and skilled employees are the guarantee of product quality. Modern production equipment and standardized production process management provide you with solutions to ensure production capacity.


Professional production lines

Professional production lines

Order directly from our factory, let you skip the intermediate link, save costs, direct factory sales, price is more affordable!



Reliable choice of big brands

Brand is trustworthy

More than 60 senior professional talents have been independently trained and introduced by fenyun rubber machine. From design to production, it has continuously strengthened its own technical strength and established a complete independent innovation system.


Excellent quality - ROHS standard

Sell well in many countries

Our products have been exported to Europe, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions, favored by customers from all over the world.

Reliable choice of big brands
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